Don Cook, Business Growth Consultant at Executive Consulting Group

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Don Cook
Business Growth Consultant

Don Cook is very passionate about working closely with clients to achieve ambitious growth targets, and reliably deliver unrealised value in their business.

Pragmatic, collaborative and results driven, Don uses his broad experience to guide and consistently achieve executive, management, strategic, revenue & sales outcomes with the clients he proudly works with and supports.

Don has over 20 years’ combined experience, delivering results in a range of customer centric fields, including  consulting, executive management, team leadership, business process improvement, sales, training, facilitation, coaching, planning, strategy delivery, change management, product development, operational service delivery, contract management, and project management.

With broad exposure to a wide range of industries including mining/resources, product & system development, software/IT, equipment supply, service delivery, construction, health, automation, safety, and heavy industries. He has successfully planned and delivered strategic business growth and sales outcomes in South African, PNG, South American, Australian and Asian Markets.

Don’s background gives him a unique, practical and broad set of tools & perspectives to assist clients to define and deliver growth by developing high performing teams and clear measures of success.

With strategies and tactics consultatively developed and delivered around the needs and goals of your business, Don is passionate about helping you to plan-for, deliver-on, and exceed the levels of success and growth you are striving to achieve in your business.