Do you think your sales team needs training? Get the basics right first!

By September 3, 2019 No Comments

We are often approached by business leaders asking to help them with sales training and coaching. Our question to them is ‘what problem are we trying to solve for you?’ Most will just say ‘our sales results have plateaued.’ This is what a doctor would describe as a symptom, however, further delving into the underlying problems is necessary. We often identify that all or some of the sales teams are not necessarily meeting their sales targets. As an inquisitive organisation, we seek to understand what the root causes are.

We often find:

  • That there is no properly articulated Value Proposition
  • The Elevator Pitches either don’t exist or need work
  • The sales processes are not clear or optimised
  • There are no KPIs in place, or they are not measuring the right activities for achieving the desired goals
  • The people who work in your sales teams do not have the drive you expect from top guns

If we identify one or more of the above situations and continue to progress down the path of sales training without rectifying them, then we may only train your salespeople to do the wrong thing even more efficiently.

It is very important to look at your backend processes and customer-facing differentiators to ensure you have them right, before proceeding to train your people. It may take slightly longer, but the return is much greater and will set your company up for better sales results, as well as clarity, focus and more effective onboarding of your new salespeople.

Once we have optimised your backend processes, it then makes sense to align your sales team on your new approach to market and commence a sales training and coaching program.

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Since you don’t want to have your salespeople do the wrong things, it is important to first get the basics right. ECG is your partner in sales success, contact us for a chat today!