Will This Workshop Be Your Silver Bullet?

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Sales team training at Sydney sales workshop.

It is very easy for most successful sales teams to question why they would need any more training.

If this belief was was to be validated, then most of the top sporting teams in the world would never need to train as regularly as they do. In fact, the reason it is absolutely imperative for teams of any kind, be it business or sport, to train regularly, is because you must remain in the top tier if you want to continue your success.

To continue with the sporting analogy, these professionals train to learn how to execute techniques. They train to exercise and maintain their fitness, they train to strategise, and they train so that they can always be finding new ways to continually improve.

Attending a sales workshop is a similar opportunity for sales professionals to learn the latest and greatest techniques in their industry, potentially uncover what the rest of their network is working on, and discover new information that could make a huge difference at their next team meeting.

What should a sales team expect to learn from an effective workshop?

Sales teams should expect to be learning the latest in psychological and psychographic research collated in a way that is designed to give them the edge in becoming THE Trusted Advisor for their clients. It is necessary to be kept up to date with best practice in this area as well.

They will also be taught new or ongoing techniques, and have the opportunity to re-enact or role-play those techniques in order to fully embed new knowledge. This gives them the chance to stay on top of their game and affirm themselves in a trusted and like-minded environment.

They will also learn to interpret what is important to their prospects, and when to listen instead of talking. There often needs to be a unique balance of the two when meeting with clients. This allows the salesperson to identify what each individual client truly wants or needs from their trusted advisor!

Can salespeople also network with other businesses at a workshop?

Yes! This is encouraged and is an excellent format to meet others with similar backgrounds. It’s a great way to share unique experiences. Sales professionals are able to swap war stories, learn from each other, and gain valuable connections.

So what is the real ROI of attending a sales workshop?

It is often difficult to directly apportion the ROI for attending a specific workshop. By constantly sharpening your abilities, learning the latest skills and technology, and practicing with your peers – you will continually enhance the value you as an individual can offer.

Not to mention, gaining a psychological advantage from the Executive Consulting Group training courses may also be what gets you across the line on your next big deal.

The only guarantee is that if you don’t attend workshops… you may just fall behind the pack or as we say, continue waiting for your competitors to take over.

Sydney sales professionals attending a sales workshop.

What does sales success mean for you? We believe Sales Teams are either constantly improving or waiting for the competition to take over.

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