Career Transition Support
or Outplacement

In any organisation’s life journey, the need to transition staff out is a very real possibility. Whether its market conditions that change, or your organisational direction, often you end up with executives and staff that are surplus to your needs. The pedigree of an organisation, and the collateral damage caused as a result of this action depends on how it is handled.

Executive Consulting Group provides Career Transition Services (Outplacement) that enables your former employees to feel valued and cared for during and after the process, subsequently leaving the retained staff to feel more secure. Done correctly and compassionately, this will improve productivity for the remaining people and further position you as an Employer of Choice!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Executive Consulting Group has trained thousands of people internationally via Video-Conference as part of normal operational methods. Our methodology is very effective with running workshops and meetings remotely and our delivery can be adjusted immediately to suit any environment. Contact us to discuss your situation.


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Professional Outplacement to Support Career Transition

There is a clear difference between companies who just fire employees and companies that offer career transition support when making people redundant. Companies that do the latter report less brand damage, 20% higher productivity, more loyalty and higher retainment levels of remaining employees.

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After I was made redundant, I was left lost and unsure of my future. By working through the outplacement program with Ricardo, I now have a clear understanding of my career future. Ricardo assisted me to discover and overcome my self-limiting beliefs, aiding me to create and execute a plan to achieve my goals.

Daniel M. – National Sales Engineer, Global Engineering Firm

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