Outsourced Sales management
or Interim Sales management

They are both terms used to describe a new and unique way for smaller organisations to get excellent sales management capabilities, while avoiding having to hire a full time sales manager.

Many smaller organisations that we help are challenged with the need to grow a sales team but do not possess the revenue to justify hiring a full time Sales manager and the knowledge to task and manage them properly. This has caused many issues for company owners leaving them hamstrung and at the whim of his sales team when attempting to grow their business. Everyone knows that if you have a sales team, it needs to be managed. Anyone who has tried to recruit a sales manager or salespeople knows how hard it can be to identify people who are experts in their field.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Executive Consulting Group has trained thousands of people internationally via Video-Conference as part of normal operational methods. Our methodology is very effective with running workshops and meetings remotely and our delivery can be adjusted immediately to suit any environment. Contact us to discuss your situation.


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The ECG Interim solution

ECG will create an Outsourced Sales Management program that suits your needs and budget, allowing you to get on with running your business. We will provide you with a regular report on progress against KPIs for your team and assist in keeping them accountable whilst constantly driving towards your sales goals.

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Executive Consulting Group assists growing businesses by managing their sales teams on a part-time/Interim basis helping them lower their costs and improve their outcomes.

Mapping The Needs

An ECG Consultant will work with the business owner or CEO to map out what the needs of the organisation are from a sales perspective.

Agreeing KPI's

We will agree on a set of performance KPIs and align them with your sales team’s KPIs - if you don’t have existing KPIs for your sales team, we can help you develop them.

Creating Plan

A plan will be created based on agreed hours to manage the sales team for you (this can be in person or remotely).


A highly experienced Sales Manager/Consultant will be allocated to your business, who will work with your team towards the agreed targets and produce weekly/fortnightly/monthly report on progress.

We engaged Executive Consulting Group to assist us identify the issues in our sales organisation and during this period, when we were not ready to hire a Sales Manager, we outsourced the Sales Management position to ECG. After several months of managing our sales team, optimising our processes, putting kpi's, structured reporting and accountability in place, we concluded that hiring a General Manager of Sales could make a big difference to our sales team. ECG helped us bridge the gap during a period of uncertainty until we knew what kind of structure we were moving forward with and hence what type of Sales Manager to hire.

Alex Farenden - Managing Director, ACT Logistics

The team at Executive Consulting have supported my business for over 3 years. They are experts in the services they provide but more importantly, they genuinely care.

Ben Markwell - Managing Director, Inselec

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