What does Sales Success mean for you?


We believe Sales Teams are either constantly improving
or waiting for the competition to take over.

The time to refocus on your revenue target and perfect your sales strategy is now. The Mastering Sales Workshop will empower you and your team with the knowledge, skill sets and strategies to stand out from the crowd , surpass your annual sales targets and drive significant growth in your company.

When: March 28th, 2019, 9am-5pm
Where: Level 13, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney


Why you cannot afford to miss the Mastering Sales Workshop

Increasingly salespeople are finding it even more difficult to differentiate themselves from their competitors and resort to the business killing strategy of discounting. We will show you how to sell more and even increase your margins! This workshop is an industry first and designed for people who want to understand the psychology of why people buy, giving them the edge in becoming a trusted advisor.



• Smash your sales targets in a highly competitive market

• Incorporate consultative selling to differentiate your company and outperform competitors

• Understand and apply the psychology behind sales

• Build rapport and cultivate trust throughout a sales cycle

• Increase customer loyalty to drive repeat business and warmer referrals

• Apply cross-selling to get more out of your existing customer base

• Ask better leading and tension building questions

• Understand what makes a successful sales person



• Experienced and new sales managers, sales people, business development managers and account managers who want to learn how to engage more effectively, learn psychology-based selling insights and increase their sales success and customer loyalty – dramatically! 

• Marketing people who want to improve their understanding of how to position their company and their offering 

• Providers of professional services (engineers, accountants, IT people, lawyers) who want to better engage with their clients, understand their needs and learn how to sell more services

• Internal sales and customer service people who regularly interact with clients and who are crucial for creating a superior image and sales experience for your clients

• CEOs, managing directors and business owners who understand that customer contact is not only for salespeople

Meet your facilitator

Ralph Vossenberg is an international expert on the science associated with sales success, the psychology associated with WHY people buy and executive leadership development. As a keynote speaker who is actively engaged for hands-on assignments worldwide, Ralph brings his street smart expertise to the classroom in a fun and interactive way. With over 30 years of experience in executive roles and building a global customer management training organisation across 65 countries, Ralph has influenced many thousands of talented people. He uses his expertise when working with salespeople to change the way they think and make them feel far more empowered to be successful. In all organisations, sales leadership is integral to the success of the team. Ralph has the ability to effectively transform organisations and the skill level of sales leaders and their teams in order to create a high-performance success based environment.

What sales professionals say about our workshops

“I found the Sales Mindset workshop to be highly informative, with practical takeaways that could be implemented immediately. Ralph is clearly very knowledgeable, and his presentation style is easy to follow and highly interactive. I also enjoyed the real-world examples from our group which demonstrated the challenges we all face providing us the steps we can use to overcome these. The explanation of the mentality of the Trusted Advisor status is so important to selling more. This workshop helped me understand the drivers of a high-performance sales team and the benefit of a structured sales process. I hope that the next time you run this workshop we are able to include more of our team.”
Luk Roelandts, National Sales Manager, Sarens

“Recently I attended ‘The Psychology of Winning Sales’ workshop and was very impressed with the content that Ralph presented. The thought leadership he imparted upon us and the logical process he used to lead us through differing ways of communicating were very interesting and effective, and I will be using these to both increase my sales and those of my team. I would strongly recommend any sales manager or sales person to attend.”
Greg You, CEO, NID Pty Ltd

“I found the ‘Super Sales Clinic’ with Ralph to be very detailed, thought provoking and interesting enough to keep me wanting more, also enabling me to identify and add new tools to my sales toolbox immediately.  It was one of those courses that keeps your attention and makes you feel thankful you invested the time to attend. Thank you!”
Nick Pollins, Managing Director, Cloudforce Group of Companies

How important is the sales experience to your clients?


In a recent study about why customers are loyal to their suppliers, 63% of them answered that the sales experience was most important. What sales experience do you provide to your valued customers? Do you want to make your engagement process your biggest differentiator?


77% of the CEOs say a shortage of skilled salespeople could hinder their organisation’s growth. The companies that put the human connection at the centre of their strategy will be the winners. Do your salespeople perform at their highest level in this pivotal role? Your customers ask for the best sales experience. Knowing how to engage with your customers is crucial to becoming their trusted advisor.


If the Mastering Sales Workshop could bring you only one new deal each month in 2019, what would that be worth to you and your organisation? If you and your staff consistently used the new skills you learn in the workshop, how much more business would you attract? How much would your margin improve? If you have staff at your client sites, then teaching them to engage better and cross-sell will massively increase your leverage and revenue.

Opportunity is knocking! – Will you answer the door?

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