Jake Colonas, Business Improvement Consultant at Executive Consulting Group

Contact Jake Colonas on:
Email: jake.colonas@execgroup.com.au
Phone: +61 481 115 591

Jake Colonas
Business Improvement Consultant

Jake Colonas has experience dealing at senior levels, consulting and representing government interests. During Jake’s career, he has dealt directly with a large variety of organisations assisting them with the execution of their statutory responsibilities.

In the last few years, Jake has helped large organisations such as Apple protect their financial interests. He implementing and effectively delivering performance improvement strategies. Jake completed his neuro-linguistic programming certification (NLP) in 2021 and has a personal passion for continuous learning and improvement.

Jake has seen staff motivation and performance from a unique perspective contributing to his holistic approach, experience and understanding of business improvement. He is an all-rounder who brings his knowledge and experience to complement the expertise at Executive Consulting Group as a Business Improvement Consultant.