About Executive Consulting Group

We believe excellent organisations are created by great teamwork between visionary leaders and high-performing employees.

Executive Consulting Group helps businesses reveal the pain points in their organisation – from profit margins to underperforming sales teams and everything in between. We are a strategic consultancy firm that provides small-to-medium businesses and enterprise companies the information needed to ‘draw the line’ on sales performance, resulting in increased revenue and profit margins, growth in market share and employee retention.

Creating profitable and sustainable organisations that are a benchmark for psychological wellbeing encompasses everything we strive to achieve at Executive Consulting Group.

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Meet the ECG team

Our mission

To ensure the business leaders and sales teams with which we partner are inspired to develop an unwavering commitment to high performance.

Our values

TO INSPIRE: We challenge our clients to uncover in themselves and each other the pain points that need to be addressed, and what action they need to take to overcome them. We inspire them to unlock their potential and live it. In turn, their successes inspire us.

TO DEVELOP: Change and success is a pathway for our partners. We are their guide in ideation, development, execution and beyond. No matter how granular their problem, we are available to mentor, coach and guide.

UNWAVERING COMMITMENT: We work tirelessly for our clients and each other to challenge mediocrity, promote change no matter how difficult and live outside our comfort zones. Trust is our capital, integrity is at our core.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: We are accountable for our results every day, and therefore commit to achieve the highest standards. We stretch ourselves and our partners to deliver peak performance consistently. To fail in this pursuit is a failure of the morals and ethics that guide us.

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