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Executive Consulting Group’s recruitment and onboarding consultants use assessment tools (such as Sales Excellence, DiSC, etc.) to find the best people for your teams, your company culture and your business.

Hiring on “gut feel” is not good enough, and can cost you dearly in lost revenue, re-training inefficient staff and eventually re-hiring. Our methods eliminate guesswork and identify the best-fit candidates with staggeringly high accuracy. 

ECG’s consultants also use the assessment tool to assess your existing sales executives, identifying people and culture issues that are holding your business back from recognising better revenue and higher profitability.

And we don’t stop at recruitment. We create bespoke onboarding programs for your teams so they know every facet of your business, solutions, products and culture before they ever get in front of your customers.


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Never let unsuitable candidates slip through again 

The wrong sales team executive or an inefficient sales team leader can cost your business dearly year after year. We use piercingly accurate candidate assessment tools to dive deep into the attitudes, habits and personalities of candidates to get the right culture and team fit for your company.



Ricardo is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the (executive) job search market.
I approached Ricardo when a position was advertised on LinkedIn.
It was a real pleasure working with Ricardo. He was so committed in his role, and remains connected throughout the process of hiring, gave me regular updates right from initial introduction till onboarding, and ensured that the negotiations with my Company were beneficial to my career. He continuously and consistently helped with the right information and addressed the issues the candidate might have.
His intimate knowledge of this specialised position and relationships as well as his ability to promote you as the best candidate through your resume and the interview process, have been second to none and insightful. Further, he took the extra mile and followed up about my status at the firm after I was recruited.

Calm, friendly, diligent, respectful, knowledgeable, and professionalism are some of the qualities you will experience when you commence your relationship with Ricardo in search of your new (executive) venture.
I cannot thank and recommend Ricardo strongly enough.

Arthur Jacobs - Commercial and Operations Director, Advancetex

We appointed Jim Colonas and the Executive Consulting Group team to launch a search for an executive role to head up our Australian operations.
They were extremely pro-active and managed this project with the right timing, rigor and commitment to bring it to a successful conclusion.
We did appreciate their approach and professionalism, especially in the context we are based overseas in Switzerland.
We highly recommend Executive Consulting Group.

Hugues Salle - Group HR Director, Cha Technologies Trading and Services SA / Switzerland

The whole process of recruiting a top position in the business was made effortless from start to end.

From the initial enquiry and right throughout the recruitment process, it was entirely professional. The recruitment team have excellent interpersonal and communication skills combined with an ethical approach that delivers results.

They took the time and made the effort to thoroughly understand our company, the role and were just as thorough in understanding the candidate we were seeking and the skills and attributes that we required.

Within a short timeframe, they had narrowed down excellent candidates.

The service is excellent and ECG are very attentive with regular updates. The words expertise, professionalism, transparency and friendliness characterise my experience.

For these reasons I provide a strong recommendation and look forward to future collaboration.

Jon Bunch - General Manager, Bay Technologies

We made the decision to expand our digital hub’s workforce with several new roles, and the thought of trying to find the right employees to both fit the role and complement our existing staff was daunting. Let alone going through the search and shortlisting process. After looking at various options we decided to go exclusively with Executive Consulting Group.

ECG took the lead every step of the way, covering the entire process, from working with us to clearly define role requirements, creating role descriptions and managing the selection and interview phase.
Throughout the process, their market insights, responsiveness and communication levels were excellent, and they kept me informed every step of the way. I particularly appreciate the meaningful and comprehensive reports that made it so much easier to not only be confident that the candidates presented can do the job but also to get a real feel for the candidates’ personality and suitability for our team’s culture.

The partnership with ECG meant that I could continue to focus on my daily tasks, as the shortlist ECG presented was spot on, and we were able to interview very suitable candidates.

Thank you so much for your expertise and efforts, and for making this a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Steve Costa - Chief Digital Officer, Axima Logistics and International YKGA

At Elite Medical we were looking to expand our team and required assistance with recruiting sales staff to join our growing team. Having previously experienced the difficulty of dealing with recruitment companies that didn’t take the time to fully understand us and only sent us CVs, we decided that we needed to seek a more thorough approach.

We engaged with Executive Consulting Group who were able to run through the process and made it easy for us to understand the type of sales skills we needed to find and the best way to hire a Business Development Manager that would fit into our company and deliver our goals. ECG went above and beyond by not only assisting us with finding the right candidate but also by developing the role descriptions, creating the best practice for the recruitment process including interviews, Sales Assessments, conclusive on-boarding engagement program and how to best manage the candidate.

Thanks to Executive Consulting Group we have now found a new employee who hit the ground running quickly and is an integral part of our business growth. We will definitely be using Executive Consulting Group again when we look to expand our business further interstate and can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs to hire the right people, the first time!

Adrian May - National Sales Manager, Elite Medical

It was clear that Ricardo’s straight forward and honest approach was exactly what we were looking for as he helped us further understanding and improve our recruitment process. He assisted with candidate profiling, shortlisting, the skilful creation of interview questions and conducting Sales Assessments, which lead to an analysis which assisted us with onboarding our new hire. With their assistance we were able to get a true understanding of our candidates and make the right decision on who to hire. I would highly recommend Ricardo Barriga and the team at Executive Consulting Group to any company looking to engage with true professionals.

Conor Healy - Chief Operating Officer, The Tad James Company

Ricardo was one of the best recommendations I have received in Strategic Resourcing. My initial application and subsequent discussion with Ricardo were key to drawing out my personal strengths and emphasising my priorities. Surprisingly, the role for which I completed the process was not where Ricardo saw my strengths best applied and he offered me a more exclusive role, which I am pleased to say was a perfect match for me. I think that working with Ricardo as a partner has helped me to provide a more honest and personalised performance in my career, and I thank him for allowing me to recognise this. I am pleased to provide my support and recommend his services to his future clients.

Douglas Jordan - Lease and Sales Manager Open Pit, Slope Stability Monitoring at Groundprobe

Jim is a thoroughly knowledgeable professional who is able to clearly and concisely articulate the needs of his clients, and has the experience to determine the most suitable candidate for a position. He inspires a great deal of confidence, and he delivers excellent outcomes.

Joe Woolley – Strategic Advisor, Kronos Human Capital Management

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