Redundancy Outplacement Support

At Executive Consulting Group, we provide an Outplacement Programme that demonstrates care and value for your employees during and after the redundancy process. This not only supports those leaving but also helps the retained staff feel more secure.

In the journey of any organisation, the need for redundancies may become a real possibility. Changes in market conditions or organisational direction can lead to executives and staff being surplus to your needs. The way in which you handle this can have a significant impact on your organisation’s reputation. If handled correctly and with compassion, it can improve productivity for the remaining staff and further establish your organisation as an Employer of Choice. At Executive Consulting Group, we offer an Outplacement Programme that shows your commitment to your employee’s well-being and future success, demonstrating care and value throughout the redundancies process.


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Professional Outplacement to Support Career Transition

There is a clear difference between companies who just fire employees and companies that offer career transition support when making people redundant. Companies that do the latter report less brand damage, 20% higher productivity, more loyalty and higher retainment levels of remaining employees.

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After I was made redundant, I was left lost and unsure of my future. By working through the outplacement program with Ricardo, I now have a clear understanding of my career future. Ricardo assisted me to discover and overcome my self-limiting beliefs, aiding me to create and execute a plan to achieve my goals.

Daniel M. – National Sales Engineer, Global Engineering Firm

After a period of misalignment between my Director and me, I knew that my employment in the company was coming to an end.
Luckily, my employer was supportive of me moving on, and we agreed that I would contact Executive Consulting Group (ECG) for their expertise in outplacement services to assist me with my next career move.
When we began the program, I was ready to leave the next day, but after my initial discussion with my ECG consultant, I realised that there was quite a bit of work I needed to do on myself to gain clarity before making any permanent decisions regarding my future. I also needed advice on how I could best present myself and my strengths to a potential new employer.
The sessions with ECG changed my whole perspective and I went from being rather passive about my future, into taking the driver’s seat: I now knew exactly what I wanted in my future role, created a smashing resume, that was pivotal in my marketing campaign, and was well prepared for any interviewing process.
The transformation helped me enormously and enabled me to secure a role that fits me perfectly.
I can strongly recommend ECG to any company with employees who have added value but don’t fit in the company’s future plans anymore. The ECG outplacement service will facilitate the respectful departure of people who need to move on whilst helping the company maintain their reputation as an employer of choice in the marketplace.

Julie W - landed a CFO role

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