Sales Team Assessments

Sales team assessments help to uncover the problems with inefficient operations, bottlenecks in your processes and delays in the delivery of your products, services and solutions.

Executive Consulting Group can help you to identify how your sales team executives and sales managers operate, so you can make the necessary changes to increase revenue, create strong and more efficient teams, build a best-breed team culture and improve brand reputation.

Our sales team evaluations involve capability assessments using psychology-based surveys to provide recommendations to improve your team’s capabilities and productivity. When you get the right people in the right seats, your sales, revenue and company will flourish.


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Expert sales team capability assessments

Our highly skilled and qualified Sales Improvement Consultants have been in their field for over 25 years. They have worked within teams, managed teams, assessed, studied, trained and recruited new salespeople and Sales Managers and have quite frankly seen it all. They have the ability and experience to listen and ascertain whether the sales team members have their head in the game and have the skills to be successful and whether they are being supported by sophisticated management enabling them to succeed. Let’s face it, it is often so much easier for an eternal consultant to identify why things are not happening for you.

Executive Consulting Group are your trusted advisors, partnering with you on your journey of growth.


The investment we made in working with ECG has had the best return of all the improvement projects we have ever undertaken, while also empowering our entire team to play an active role in our business growth journey. We look forward to the next phase of working with ECG

Michael Connelly – Managing Director, CPR Group

It was clear that Ricardo’s straight forward and honest approach was exactly what we were looking for as he helped us further understanding and improve our recruitment process. He assisted with candidate profiling, shortlisting, the skilful creation of interview questions and conducting Sales Assessments, which lead to an analysis which assisted us with onboarding our new hire. With their assistance we were able to get a true understanding of our candidates and make the right decision on who to hire. I would highly recommend Ricardo Barriga and the team at Executive Consulting Group to any company looking to engage with true professionals.

Conor Healy - Chief Operating Officer, The Tad James Company

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