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Executive Consulting Group’s business strategy and management experts have worked with global SMEs and brands. Our solutions are the difference between lacklustre results and exceeding your revenue growth targets. We will help you create the successful business culture you need to succeed.

Our experts dive deep into what makes your business, your leaders and your sales executives tick, and then create bespoke strategies that take your business to a whole new level of revenue realisation.

We also live by our work, which means we can execute the strategies we create for you. You will never see us deliver a strategy document and then just leave it in your hands. We see it through, every step of the way – through sales team assessments, re-structuring, recruitment and on-boarding, sales team training and mentoring, interim sales management and executive coaching.

We are your partners in creating and executing your revenue growth strategy.


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Business strategies that take your business forward

Our business strategy consultants work with you to identify the exact pain points that are holding you back. We provide solutions that set your sales teams up for ongoing success, and ensure every person in your company is on board.



Over the past year Ralph and Jim have worked with the team at Moncel in a variety of capacities and have demonstrated value each step of the way.
In particular, strategic planning exercises that were facilitated by Ralph & Jim have enabled our organisation to further refine our North Star, create clearer goals and value propositions to help develop our leadership structure, as well as to simplify and align our internal strategic messaging and focus across the entire organisation.
The result has been an overall focus on growth driven priorities, ultimately leading to performance gains.
Additionally, by refining our strategic objectives we have been able to effectively recruit and build our management structure, doubling the size of the leadership team in less than 6 months.
I would not hesitate to recommend the ECG team for support with strategic planning, executive coaching, and recruitment.

Stu Hilditch - CEO, Moncel

Before I engaged Executive Consulting Group to run the Strategy Development and Alignment workshop for me and my Leadership Team, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of the content.
However, the workshop delivered much more than I thought. Ralph brought great insights into the strengths and weaknesses of my Leadership Team and facilitated some great teamwork. I found that getting to know each other’s strengths was a crucial way of improving our working relationships. Apart from sharing his wealth of knowledge and delivering the workshop in a very motivational and structured way, there were also moments of fun that encouraged excellent participation amongst the team!
Now we are all aligned on the plan moving forward and we each know which priorities to work on for the next 12-18 months, and who is responsible for delivering them.
I am very confident that by using our newly developed leading-edge models and practices, it will enable our company to get to the next level and achieve our goals.
I know that Jim and Ralph can really help a lot of companies and make them as thrilled and excited about their future as I am.

Kseniya Vasylenko - Managing Director, Value Added Meats

We engaged Executive Consulting Group to help us set our strategic direction and develop an operational plan to guide our growing family consultancy through what we knew would be both challenging and exciting times. The strategic planning program proved to be valuable on many levels. Most importantly, it provided all of us with new knowledge and insights into business structure, business growth, team management and customer relationships.

Michael Connelly – Managing Director, CPR Group

We contracted Ralph from Executive Consulting Group after a period of serious turmoil. For our organisation he has played a key role in a decisive moment through effectively coaching our management team, and changing their mindsets. Together with him, we created our first Strategic Plan and Operational Plan. His approach has helped us to turn the members of our Executive Team into highly effective leaders, who love their jobs. While doing this, he went above and beyond the call of duty. With Ralph’s help, we started our journey in which we have turned our Technical University from a under-performing institute that had no properly working internet, no financial accountability and which was fully dependent on government funding, into a Technical University with international accreditation, being audited by an international accountancy firm without any discrepancies, having the best internet in the country and now being seen as a valued member in the global academic world. Now we are financially supported by industry stakeholders and as such, the investment in working with Executive Consulting Group was worth every Kina!

Dr. Albert Schram - Vice Chancellor Unitech, Lae, Papua New Guinea

Having worked with ECG for 18 months now we are extremely happy with the results.

They go above and beyond their promises in helping us build our company’s sales revenue. In addition, they have helped us create a clear strategy, optimized our processes, trained and held us accountable so that we execute the plan and achieve our goals.

In the last 6 months, we broke our monthly sales record 3 times!

I highly recommend ECG to any company that wants to improve and grow.

Nelson May - Managing Director, Elite Medical

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