How we work for your success

We help you, your managers and your sales executives to achieve successful outcomes through business strategy, sales team evaluations, strategic coaching, facilitated workshops, coaching to teams, recruitment and onboarding, and one-on-one sessions. All of our solutions are tailored to the needs of your business, and are guided by the following core process.


Business operations analysis

Our staff do a comprehensive breakdown of operations, profitability, value proposition and business structure. Without this step, your sales teams and leadership will fall into the pattern of ticking boxes with your sales training, and it will be ineffective.

Business strategy development

We develop your value proposition, differentiators and target market strategy. This is a process that you - the CEO and leader in your business - need to ensure you drive your mission, culture and strategy through your organisation and its people.

Sales team analysis

We use psychology-based digital surveys to identify staff efficiency and to form an in-depth analysis of sales team capabilities and operations. This helps determine if you have the right people in the right seats to achieve your organisational goals and create a high-performance culture.

Recruitment and onboarding

We make recommendations and assist with changes, new hires and staff redistribution. This step is vital if you intend to achieve your revenue goals. Simply commencing sales training without this and the previous steps will set your teams up for failure. We handle this process with care and protect your organisation's reputation.

Sales team and leadership training

We lead mid to long-term module-based sales training with your sales leaders and teams. Our group and one-on-one sessions are designed to improve the skills of your people and make them high-performing executives. These programs create focused teams that deliver your revenue goals, and also forge a culture that sales team executives love being a part of.

In-depth reporting and growth planning

We provide analysis of increased profitability and efficiency within the team. Our in-depth reporting shows just how far your business and your sales strategy has come, and also identifies further room to improve results, your company culture and sales team performance. Unlike many sales consultants, we execute our strategies for you and see them through to ensure your company's success.

What our clients say

Our clients are CEOs and business leaders who want to draw a line under their teams’ performance. Here’s what they say about working with ECG.

Michael Connelly
Managing Director, CPR Group

After two years of working with ECG, we are on track to realising our ambitious five-year growth objectives. The investment we made in working with ECG has had the best return of all the improvement projects we have ever undertaken, while also empowering our entire team to play an active role in our business growth journey. We look forward to the next phase of working with ECG where we will further extend our business through additional service offerings, winning even more market share and helping our clients to further excel in their endeavours.

Andrew Kuchler

From the first time I met Jim I was immediately impressed by his knowledge, ability to build rapport and expertise in assessing skills. It was clear that Jim was in the business of placing people into careers taking into consideration not only the hard but soft skills and building successful sales environments. Jim’s honesty, integrity and experience is what sets him apart from his competition. I would recommend Jim to anyone or company looking for a true professional in sales training, coaching or recruitment.

Katie Barns
Tech manager, global mining company

Ralph spent 11 months working closely with our organisation delivering a sales and client-engagement coaching and mentoring program. His expert facilitation and mentoring allowed us to better understand the sales cycle, shorten sales lead times and helped our team bond during a period of organisational change.


ACT Logistics director Malcolm Stuart discusses how Executive Consulting Group’s thorough business strategy and sales improvement processes created an elite sales team and a stronger business.

Malcolm Stuart, owner and director, ACT Logistics

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