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From executive coaching, sales team training and improvement, and business strategy right through to evaluating your sales staff’s performance, recruiting team members and on-boarding, Executive Consulting Group has a proven track record of helping small-to-medium business achieve their full, profitable potential.

Our experienced staff reveal the pain points in your organisation and provide the strategy, structure and training to move your business towards its optimal performance.


Our services

Executive Coaching

Executive Consulting Group provides coaching and mentoring for new or existing managers in your organisation who don’t have the required skills for the job or are looking to up skill.

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Business Strategy

Executive Consulting Group helps to develop value propositions, differentiators and target market strategy, business process re-engineering, whole of organisation strategy development and revenue improvement consulting.

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Sales Leadership Coaching

Having a strong, confident leader can change the entire operation of a sales team, from under-confident and unsure staff to an empowered and motivated sales team. We can recruit and coach the leader your sales team needs to take your revenue and business to the next level.

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Sales Team Training

Executive Consulting Group provides module-based sales training to your team to identify the barriers stopping them from making sales, develop the confidence and skills required to secure sales, and encourage them to take initiative and bring new ideas to the organisation.

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Sales Team Assessments

Evaluating your sales team helps to uncover the costs of inefficient operations, bottlenecks in your production and delays in your delivery of your products or services. We use advanced techniques and software to determine whether a person will fit into your team, raising red flags before they even happen.

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Recruitment and Onboarding

Executive Consulting Group can help you find and onboard specialty staff for executive and leadership positions within your organisation. We also manage and construct highly productive and motivated sales teams to drive revenue growth.

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Outsourced Sales Management

Making the decision to grow your business by hiring an externally focused sales team is often a productive step forward for a business. The reality is that smaller companies find it hard to justify the expense of hiring a highly skilled fulltime Sales Manager who can get the best out of their new team. ECG can bridge the gap for you and run your sales team (part-time or virtually) until sales volumes can justify hiring a Sales Manager.

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