Sales Management is not leading by example!

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Sales Management is not leading by example!

As part of our all-encompassing sales improvement services, often our clients ask us to hire a BDM or two for their business. In the growth of a business, we always seek to improve the revenue outcomes. As such, one of the main issues we identify is that even when we find the best BDMs for our clients, if they are not being managed by an exceptional Sales Manager who will coach, guide and motivate them, and keep them accountable, the BDMs results may be seriously impaired. 

We often come across sales managers who were great at sales themselves and were subsequently promoted to their level of incompetence. The reasoning is sound – You are great at sales, now go and teach the rest of the team how you do it! Unfortunately, this often does not work! 

Sales management is a craft of its own. Directing sales teams has been described as being like herding cats. If the manager doesn’t have the right strategy, KPIs and accountability process, then sales management may be equally as ineffective. 

The best Sales Managers ensure that the strategy they set will meet the company goals. They will ensure the KPIs will achieve the strategy, and that the KPIs are religiously executed whilst also recording everything in the CRM. Being a top sales manager is not leading by example, but delivering the budget by successfully leveraging the individual skills of each member of their team, and moving forward together. 

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