Is ECG the right fit for my business?

Our core services begin with an analysis of the sales team and can include anything from sales and CRM training to leadership mentoring and business strategy development.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Executive Consulting Group is the right fit for your business.

Productivity and revenue

  • Do you need to increase revenue?
  • Are you losing market share and don’t know why?
  • Are your profit margins shrinking?
  • Have you cut costs so much and don’t know what to do next?

Team structure

  • Do you need to reduce numbers and don’t know which staff to keep?
  • Are you looking for a recruitment partner you can trust?
  • Do you have managers who need leadership and management training?
  • Is accountability a problem in your organisation?

CRM and sales training

  • Are you wondering what CRM is best for your business?
  • Don’t want to spend a fortune on a CRM that is too complex and difficult to use?
  • Do you need help to motivate and train your staff to use CRM?
  • Do you receive complaints regularly and have customers that are unsatisfied?


  • Do you need to make a person redundant and manage the risk of having them damage the reputation of your company?
  • Do you need to make people redundant and want to help them remain confident and learn the skills to find a new job?


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I engaged Executive Consulting Group (ECG), as I needed sales expertise to help me drive my numbers of sales up along with my margins.
My sales team consisted of one senior BDM and two inbound salespeople, who had never had any prior sales training.
Ralph began a 6-month sales training and coaching program with my sales team and trained them on a fortnightly basis over 6 months. Jim worked as an outsourced Sales Manager with the sales guys on a weekly basis to help execute on the new learnings and ensure adherence to the new way of working.
The results over 2020 have been very impressive. My sales team’s abilities and professionalism increased significantly and we are now far exceeding our weekly sales targets. The sales training was a change program that has taken our business to a whole new level of capability.
I highly recommend ECG to anyone that needs to improve sales for their organisation, and the skills and professionalism of their teams.

Pete Theron - Managing Director, OZ Excavator Buckets Pty Ltd

To reach our ambitious organisational goals, we decided that we had to do things differently as we had not reached our target for the last 10 years, and basically had hit a glass ceiling.
We engaged with ECG and they created a bespoke training program for us that addressed our specific needs for our sales team located all around the world.
We are now 4 months down the track and things have really changed!
Our whole interaction with prospects and clients has changed - who we talk to, what we talk about, the way we pitch our value proposition, and our follow-up process. Not only our business development approach has changed, but also our sales pipeline has changed. We are closing deals faster and with better financial outcomes.
We will finish this financial year with results that we have been chasing for many years.
I highly recommend a sales training partnership with ECG as they guided us through our sales glass ceiling!

Chris Strickland – CEO, Lacima Group

I reached out to Executive Consulting Group when our company was in need of training for our team which was about to attend a significant trade exhibition. Ralph delivered a two-day workshop which equipped the participants with the practical knowledge to carry out their respective roles during the exhibition and follow up the process. As a result of this, the company was successful in developing a significant number of quality leads, a number of which were successfully converted into sales resulting in a 15% increase in the annual revenue for the year.

Greg Yon - Chief Executive Officer/Company Secretary, NID Pty Ltd